Join The Circle

Aerial view of the Sequitur tasting toom and farm

Let us introduce you to The Circle: Sequitur’s very own wine club. Our members commit to receiving twelve bottles of wine, once a year. In exchange, we are pleased to offer the following benefits to our members:

  • 15% off annual case allotments and any additional current releases;
  • Priority access to all Sequitur wines, including small production wines and large format bottles;
  • Customizable allocations;
  • Complimentary tastings for up to four guests (party size includes club members), by appointment;
  • Invitations to member-only events;
  • Half-off ground shipping costs for club releases.

Current Shipment: Spring 2024
Around $1,000/shipment

The suggested spring Circle release will include eight bottles of 2022 Sequitur Pinot Noir, two bottles of 2022 Sequitur Chardonnay, and one bottle each of 2022 Sequitur White Pinot Noir and 2022 Sequitur Pinot Noir Amphora – with the option to customize the selection or add on to your allocation. 

Terms and Policies: Club members must commit to one year of membership (amounting to 12 bottles a year). Club orders will be available for shipping or pick-up at the winery.